A list of people contributing to this community.  Please add any details you think are pertinent, but keep it tweetable.


Rob Lockhart (aka bobbylox)Edit

I'm the Creative Director of Important Little Games , an educational games studio in Chicago.  You can follow me on twitter @bobbylox .

George SainesEdit

I'm one of the Cofounders of CodeCombat , an EdTech startup in San Francisco. You can follow us at @Codecombat or me personally at @gsaines

Bruno Urbain Edit

I'm the CEO of Fishing Cactus, an video game studio based in Belgium. We are developing Algo-Bot . You can follow us on twitter @FishingCactus or @AlgoBot .

Matt GaugerEdit

I'm a Rails developer by day and working on my own learn-computer-science RPG at night. You can follow me on Twitter at @mathiasx .

Mailing Lists Specific To This CommunityEdit


IGDA Learning and Educational Games SIG

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